The Good Life With Kids

We are inspired by Scott & Helen Nearing’s book, The Good Life, written in the 50′s, I think. My husband and I both loved the book right from the start. We first read the book about 2 years ago and had already started trying to live a simpler, more self reliant life. After reading their book, though, something just hit home with us. There were some huge differences with other books on self reliance that we had read. They also had the goal of being able to travel for part of the year. Travel . . . and homestead? These don’t usually go hand in hand, but it’s also what we’ve been wanting to do. They were able to because they didn’t have animals and ate a vegetarian, very simple diet. They mainly ate what the grew. This is sort of what we have been doing, but not to the same extent they did. Now, we could take so much of what they said in their books and apply it to our lives, but one great big difference stood between us. Kids. We have 3 of them, they didn’t have any. So, this is our journey towards a more simple life, the Good Life, similar to Scott & Helen Nearing, but with the kid twist.

About carishumaker

We are trying to live The Good Life with our 3 kids out in the woods. We strive to be as self reliant as possible, with a great amount of leisure time to Live The Good Life as best as we can. We work hard so we can play hard and want to teach our kids to love life and love people and love learning. This is our journey.
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