Making Sauerkraut

So, if you saw my garden post, you will have seen that I have planted a lot of cabbage.  It would be impossible to use that all up before it goes bad, especially with all the other greens and lettuces and what not to eat.  I don’t like cabbage in my smoothie, so the best thing I’ve found to do with it is to make Sauerkraut.  It’s so good for you and tastes delicious.  One of my favorite things to make in the winter is to put on a pot of rice, saute up some onions, garlic and bell peppers along with some Kielbasa or other Polish Sausage (I’ve made the vegan many times, too) and serve over rice with sauerkraut and a big dollop of Dijon mustard.  MMMMMM-MM!

Sauerkraut Ingredients

So, to make the Sauerkraut, you shred 2 big heads of cabbage.  2 heads worked good for my one gallon jar.  I put all the shredded cabbage in a huge bowl with 3 TBL salt, stirred well.  I then put handfuls of the cabbage into the gallon glass jar.  You have to push the cabbage down until some juice comes up, the salt pulls the liquid out of the cabbage, so it makes its own brine.  I found a lid that was the perfect diameter for the jar, but I had to bend it to get it through the lid and then push and place over the cabbage very carefully (ok, TMI, but it was exactly the same kind of fold, insert and place as putting in a diaphragm, only much, much bigger-of course!).  Push the lid down so the liquid comes up and then you have to weight it down.  I used a pint of water to put on top of the lid.  Cover the jar with cheese cloth and there you have it.  For a much more professional description of how to do this, here is a great website on fermented foods.  If you read it, then you, too, will understand the benefits of fermented foods!

Ready to ferment

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