A Beautiful Thanksgiving!

My house was full yesterday.  24 people filled the rooms.  We have a big family and it was so awesome to host Thanksgiving this year.  I had aunties and uncles, cousins, my parents, brother and family friends here.  My son was super excited because one of the original Nirvana Band members was one of them!  He got to visit with him and thank him for a signed Bleach album.  KK was stoked!

Here are a few pictures of the table.  My mom had some folding tables and rented chairs, so we were able to fit everyone in.

I feel really good about doing this dinner on a budget.  I made the turkey, mashed potatoes from taters from our garden, a delicious beet salad from garden beets and provided a bit of wine and a few cocktail choices.  Everyone brought something and we had WAY more than enough food!  My sweet cousin stayed the night with us and we all just enjoyed eachother’s company!  We missed our sweet Gavin and aunt Steph.  My mom said a prayer and included a blessing for all those that aren’t here with us and we said Gavin’s prayer.

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My brother, dad & cousin up above.  Don’t you see the family resemblance?  Sweet baby Max below.thanksgiving 2013 139

About carishumaker

We are trying to live The Good Life with our 3 kids out in the woods. We strive to be as self reliant as possible, with a great amount of leisure time to Live The Good Life as best as we can. We work hard so we can play hard and want to teach our kids to love life and love people and love learning. This is our journey.
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2 Responses to A Beautiful Thanksgiving!

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  2. Susan Price says:

    It was a grand day, that is for sure. Thank you for everything, Cari. You are the hostess with the mostnest!

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