Tis the Season!

We woke up in the night to RAIN!  I’m not sure the last time it rined here, but it has been a long, long time.  I laid awake worrying about the arroyos we have to cross to get out of here.  Now that it’s light, though, it looks like it won’t be a problem at all.

I think we are heading to San Ignacio or Guerro Negro today.  Guerro Negro is the line that separates Baja Cal Norte from Baja Cal Sur.  It’s also the time change, one hour later.  WE’ve never done anything but just drive through, but I read they have an open air vegetable market that I’d like to stop at.

Renewing.  That’s what this trip is. We renew and refresh as a family.  The kids get along better than ever and Isaac and I renew and refresh our relationship.  Relaxing, reading, hiking.  Just having quiet time together is so wonderful.

About carishumaker

We are trying to live The Good Life with our 3 kids out in the woods. We strive to be as self reliant as possible, with a great amount of leisure time to Live The Good Life as best as we can. We work hard so we can play hard and want to teach our kids to love life and love people and love learning. This is our journey.
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