Christmas en la Playa!

Christmas Eve Eve! We are lucky enough to have evaded a potentially huge problem. As we rattled down our way back the long bumpy road from Campo in Bay of LA, our hitch broke! It must haave been on the verge for a long time and the wash-board road just did it in. We were on a very flat section and Isaac heard something clanking and so he stopped to check it out. We really are lucky that it happened where it did, had it happened flying down Mex 1, it could have been a terrible thing. A roll down a cliff, a totally detatched trailer going downhill and hurting someone else, loosing all our stuff. Whew! A good thing came of it all, too. Actually a few good things. Isaac and the boys attached the trailer with a big rope, chains and whatever else we could find and gimped very, very slowly back to town. A few people stopped to see if we were ok. One told us of a man named Sammy who could help us out. We found him, a great welder right in town, Samuelito Diaz. Llantero y Saldadura. He assured us he could make it very stong. I kept talking to him about ‘suerte’ (dreams) rather than saying ‘fuerte’ (strong). Yes, I requested a dreamy hitch, but hopefully we got a strong one! Sammy said it would take a few hours and cost $700 pesos, which is about $58. USD. Not too bad. Bahia De Los Angeles is a beautiful bay front town, sleepy and peaceful and with the nicest people we’ve ever encountered on our travels. There is a very nice museo that we walked through. Here are some pictures of that: Eventually we made our way down to Las Hamacas for lunch, we all had some sort of seafood. Aside from what seemed like a million flies, it was all very good. We walked along the water and read about the whales, whale sharks and the other marine life. The bay is home to a huge variety of marine life and the townspeople seem to take lots of pride and care to preserve it. As we were eating our lunch a tall youngish man with curly hair and a very short Mexican lady came over to visit us. They were wondering if we were staying for a bit and they told us that Maria, the cutest, smiling Mexican lady, and her family were starting a trailer park and we should go stay a night there. Her brother, Sergio, is a baker and were selling homemade empenadas for $10 pesos. Sold! We assured them we would head over after picking up our truck and trailer. Our jaunt to their trailer park proved to be great experience! Sergio, his wife and Maria are the NICEST, most welcoming and friendly people we have ever met. Their trailer park is called El Faro (the light house) and also Punta Arenas, (I’m not sure why two names). We had dinner there, yummy empanadas and music and cards late (8:00 pm seems late) into the very cold and windy night. After it was all said and done, we were glad our trailer hitch broke because we met such nice people and had such a great experience. Especially Maya, she was in the kitchen and helping with baking and dinner making, drying and putting away dishes. She makes friends where we go! We’ve decided we like the travelors in Baja better than the ones who are here to stay, the expats. They seem so . . . . possessive of the towns they live in. Whereas the other people traveling through seem to have a traveller’s spirit. One that wants to meet new, friendly people, so they, in turn, are friendly and interested in what we are up to. They seem to be living more for experience and not so much for…. I don’t know what it is. Trying to prove they are more Mexican than we are? Who knows, but the vibe from the other travelers is way better. Dec 26, 2013 Christmas en la Playa was great! We made cookies the night before so that we could make sure Santa had some. They were moleasses ginger cookies and were a real treat on the beach! The kids woke up SUPER early. I got up with them and they did their presents, they were great and were so excited and sweet about everything. Kyler got his stove so he helped to make Christmas dinner, which was breakfast for dinner. The kids loved it and thought it was the best Christmas dinner ever! I was pretty lazy all day and sat in the hammock for most of the time. I got a bite on my elbow and it is pretty itchy. Isaac went out kiteboarding and found his new favorite place, I also went out but got blown back into the rocks a little too fast for my liking! Dec 27, 2013 We woke up early and headed to Loreto Shores yesterday morning. I have a rash on my body, like a crazy, gross, welted rash. It’s all over my belly and my sides and under my boobs. Not pretty and not fun! I took some antihistamine and feel better now. The drive to Loreto was quick and easy, it feels great to be at this RV park because it feels so, so fancy. The kids swam and played and I did a ton of laundry. Then we went on a family bike ride

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We are trying to live The Good Life with our 3 kids out in the woods. We strive to be as self reliant as possible, with a great amount of leisure time to Live The Good Life as best as we can. We work hard so we can play hard and want to teach our kids to love life and love people and love learning. This is our journey.
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