Our Curriculum

13 year old boy:

  • English ~ Shurley English, Literature will be at our homeschool Monday class.
  • Math ~ Teaching Textbooks
  • Science ~ Earth Science, Monday Class
  • History ~ Story of the World book 3, Usborne Internet Linked History Encylopedia and Kingfisher Encyclopedia of the World (we do this as a family with my 6 & 10 year olds).
  • Rosetta Stone Spanish (we do this as a family, also)

10 year old boy:

  • English ~ Shurley English Level 3, Explode The Code 7, Cursive Handwriting Without Tears, Writing With Ease 3 (Susan Wise Bauer), Evan-Moor spelling, and Wordly Wise
  • Here are the sentences for Level 3 through chapter 10
  • Math ~ Times Tales.  KK is having a hard time memorizing his mathe facts.  I’ve found that Times Tales helps tremendously.  This program uses little stories to help the kids remember the facts.  Each number is given a character, 7 is Mrs. Weeks, 6 is the first grade class, 8 the snowman etc.  Very cute and easy to remember.  Last year we were doing Aleks math, which we liked, but since we are not longer using a virtual academy, we don’t want to pay for Aleks.  We are switching to Teaching Textbooks.  Ky is doing great with it.  I love that each problem is explained, so there is lots of repetition if needed.
  • Science ~ Real Science for Kids, Physics
  • History ~ Story of the World as a family
  • Rosetta Stone Spanish as a family

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