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So, for our history, we are doing History of the World.  We are finishing up last year’s book 2, Middle Ages.  We will (hopefully) be starting in on book 3 in October.  For my middle schooler, I have made some pages for his notebook to help him decide what to write for his summaries and what information to include in his folder.  I have tried to insert it into this post as a pdf file, but am not sure how to do it.  So I will just copy and paste.

Kyler’s History Summary Guides

Primary Sources 

  • What does the source say?
  • Who is the author? (social position, profession, political affiliations, age, other details)
  • What is the writer’s purpose?
  • What does he/she have to lose or gain by convincing others of his/her position?
  • What events led to this piece of writing?
  • What happened as a result of this writing? 

Core Text ~ Encyclopedias 

  • Read a section from the core text and list important facts
  • Mark all dates on the timeline.
  • Find the region under study on the glove and in the atlas.
  • Do additional reading if we have it.
  • Prepare summaries of information on one or more of the topics in your History Notebook.  File it in the right section of your notebook. 


Kaleb’s History Writing Guides 

  • In one or two sentences, write what happened.  Just write the main things and a few important details.
  • Write when it happened?  Write it on your time line. 
  • Where did it happen?
  • Who were the main men and women involved?
  • Try to write at least 3 facts about what we studied today.
  • Find it on the map and see where it is.
  • File it in your notebook.

And, hopefully this will help someone.  For my 10 year old, we are doing Shurley English Level 3.  Here are the sentences for chapters 1-10, feel free to copy and then paste into a word document for your level 3 students!

Children played.

Mice ran. 

Helicopters flew.

Children played happily today.

Mice ran away.

Helicopters flew around.

The two small children played happily today.

The three mice ran away.

Several military helicopters flew around.

The timid little girl sat alone.

A large fish swam briskly away.

The full moon shines brightly tonight.

The polite young singer sang exceptionally well.

The extremely loud music stopped abruptly.

Several brown ducks waddled awkwardly away.

The old dog howled quite loudly.

A white shark swam very quickly away!

The spirited racehorse ran swiftly today.

The newborn baby cried rather weakly.

The two girls sang so sweetly today.

The inexperienced pilot landed safely.

The small mice scurried away quickly.

The mosquito bite swelled immediately!

A tremendously gifted scientist spoke briefly today.

Two beautiful horses grazed contentedly.

The foolish duck quacked repeatedly.

The five chimpanzees learned incredibly fast.

The school band played surprisingly well.

Two small deer stood completely still.

The ballet dancers performed very skillfully.

The adorable little kittens purred contentedly.

The new quarterback performed quite impressively.

The dark storm clouds gathered threateningly overhead.

An enormous branch fell from the top of the tree!

The flickering fireflies soared gracefully through the night sky.

The frightened birds flew hastily away from the barking dogs.

A big, red fire engine roared down the street exceedingly fast!

The new sailors waited patiently for the arrival of the ship.

An ugly storm brewed off the coast of Mississippi.

An enormous crowd gathered eagerly for the race of the century.

Matthew left on an exciting cruise to several countries today.

Mother searched diligently for a simple recipe.

The emperor of China spoke excitedly to the strangers from Europe.

The children on shore waved at the marine biologist in the boat.

The children ran eagerly to the bus in the parking lot.

The wealthy man spoke passionately yesterday about the new library.

The little red fox hid shyly behind the bushes.

The teacher looked longingly at the new computer in the store.

She peeked cautiously around the corner of the building.

Look at the beautiful sunrise.

He lives in the United States during the summer months.

Our new car rides smoothly over bumpy roads.

My expensive digital camera fell in the mud yesterday!

Chip screamed at the top of his lungs!

We went to the zoo with her today.

Mom waited patiently for me at the airport for two hours.

He jumped vigorously on the trampoline with them for an hour.

Jane’s swollen ankle ached during her performance.

My little dog barked excitedly at his shadow.

The queen’s army camped on the hillside.

The plane’s engines roared during takeoff.

Fred’s sister moved into her new home recently.

My aunt’s black cat disappeared yesterday.

The coach’s whistle blew loudly during the practice game today.

Richard’s mom works at the city hospital.

My friend’s experiment worked perfectly during science fair.

My grandmother has worked hard for many years.

The workers in the warehouse are not working during the summer months.

Are the automobiles built in your factories?

Seven people will not fit into my small car!

Can you go with us to the water park today?

I am not running for office again.

The football players are not practicing on the field today.

Are we going to the theatre tonight.

The funny clowns waved enthusiastically to the children after their absolutely incredible performance.

My mom and dad are leaving early in the morning.

We screamed and cheered loudly for our favorite team.

Yikes!  The lightning flashed and struck close to my house.

Wow!  Mom’s yellow rosebush is blooming brilliantly in the front yard!

Bob and Annie traveled to Mexico on a mission trip.

Oh, no!  Grandfather’s old fishing boat stalled in the middle of the lake!

The dogs and cats in the neighborhood stay in Sue’s backyard.

We do not eat or drink in the new car.

Yea!  Our parents are returning today from their week-long vacation!




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