Menu Planning & To Do List

So, I have a basic weekly plan that I use to try to keep up with housework around here.  I really liked Flylady stuff for a long time, but then one week on the same room just didn’t work for me.  If I missed a week, the room didn’t get done for a whole month, so now I do all the rooms on a weekly basis for 15-20 minutes.  If  I do it as planned then it works great.  Each week I can delve into the room a bit deeper if I want and if I actually do a room 2 or 3 or 4 times in a row then I get to go way beyond just a quick clean up.  For example, the laundry room.  If I do the laundry room for the first time in a few weeks then the whole 20 minutes is basically just decluttering and picking up really well.  But, then next week I can declutter and pick up for a few minutes and then wipe down all the counter tops really well, maybe even do the floors and fronts of cabinets.  KWIM?
Here is my basic weekly plan

  1. Monday:  Run around town day, bank, library, groceries, Monday Class.  Run in the afternoon
  2. Tuesday:  Bathrooms.  Yoga in the morning.
  3. Wednesday:  Bedrooms – I do my room really good and then make sure the kids is done really well.  If I don’t go up and physically check, then they don’t get done really well at all.  I find it to be a pain in the arse to always have to check on their work, but if I don’t (and sometimes I don’t) then it’s half-assed done.  I hate half-assed done, but it’s better than not done at all! 🙂 Run in the afternoon.
  4. Thursday:  Pantry (we have a big walk in pantry that needs to be gone through each week – I do it about once a month, but it needs to be done more often).  Yoga in the morning.
  5. Friday:  Laundry Room  Run in the afternoon.
  6. Saturday:  Sweep, mop and vacuum all floors.  Long yoga day, Ashtanga Flow
  7. Sunday:  Fun day with family, try to go through fridge for Monday grocery shopping.
  • Work on 3D for new computer, call 3D about password reset
  • get back up data on new computer
  • make bread
  • clean bathrooms
  • KK to vacuum stairs
  • Work on kids’ learning plans
  • plan menu for the next 10 days
  • insurance info to Ken

1 Response to Menu Planning & To Do List

  1. Susan Price says:

    I love mine, too, and use it tons!

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