Wingback Chair Redo


WARNING! If you are a perfectionist or a professional, you probably will NOT like this whole situation! But if you want to quickly recover a wingback chair with very little sewing, then read on!

So, I was inspired by Four Generations One Roof to redo our very ugly but also very comfortable wingback chairs. She does a way better job explaining and this is my first-ever tutorial, but here it goes. I included some info that the other lady doesn’t have, but for a more complete tutorial, please click on the link above. OK, here it goes:

First: I bought 5 yards of fabric for $8 per yard. It turns out that I didn’t have enough to do the seat cushions, so I went back to the fabric store and spent about $30 on the green zebra stripes. I think I like that it ads a bit of whimsy to my little corner. But, it’s definitely not everyone’s style, so just go with it and think what it would look like all one color or a bunch of different color and patterns ~ that’s the beauty of it, you can choose!


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